Very rare "E" (enhanced) Version: internal precision 10 digits instead of 8 :) First electronic Russian pocket calculator: stolen from Sharp EL-805! Timelessly elegant orange-painted metal housing! First Braun Calculator - an Omron 86 clone, but unlike the Omron very, very rare! The last dinosaur with a sliderule on the backside! Clearly superfluous - even the Faber-Castell chips knew "scientific" functions meanwhile... 1973 price US$ 94.95, German price DM 395,- (mounted DM 485,-) Not so many in collectors hands nowadays - this one has serial number 1143A 00840 Extremely rare MBO calculator Another real rarity from MBO Very rare Busicom Personal 60-DB clone! Rare model in excellent shape Perhaps the rarest TI calculator - in good condition! Made in Germay by "Vielstedt Elektrotechnik"!? Serial no. (8308) surprisingly high! Rare Casio CQ-1 clone, beautiful red colour (some call it orange!) Rare Casio fx-102 clone Very rare Busicom LE-80A clone! Never used - this one has still the protective foil on the display! As far as I know Addiator sold at least 3 different types of electronic pocket calculators. Today they are extremely hard to find! There have been seven models customized for insurance companies in Germany: Allianz, Agrippina, Lloyd, LVM, Nordstern, Vereinigte and Victoria. I am still desperately looking for a good LVM model :(
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Calcumania Rarities and Curiosities from the 70ies